What is a good DM design?

For a good DM design, it is important that the target you want to send is clear.

By clarifying targets such as age, gender, and lifestyle, it will be easier to decide on a DM design that will give you the information you need and your liking.

It is not enough to pack a lot of information that you want to include in direct mail, but you also need to organize the information that you want to convey according to the target.

In addition, it is important that the DM design matches the concept and target of the store or manufacturer.

The material, color, and overall design need to be devised.

As for the material, in the case of new notifications such as greeting cards, if you use a material with a quality such as woodfree paper, you can give “trust” and “security”, and it will react with the workmanship of illustrations and photographs. In the case of direct mail, where the rate depends, it seems that paper that reflects vivid colors is good.

Direct mail targeted at the elderly requires consideration such as making the letters larger and the colors clearer.

No matter how good the DM design is, if the target is not clear or the design is not suitable for the target, it will not have a good response and it will not be a good design.