Request a DM design

When requesting a DM design from a specialist, some companies need it, and by preparing it, it seems that direct mail that is close to your own image can be created smoothly.

Unless you leave everything to the vendor, you will need a rough draft of a draft created with software such as handwriting, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Make a request for the content of the text, the rough layout, the points you want to appeal to, the color scheme, the type of characters, etc., and change the content after the start of work will lead to delays in delivery, so make sure to have a detailed discussion.

If it is difficult to convey in words, it seems that the image can be easily conveyed to the vendor by preparing a leaflet of another company with a color and layout close to the image.

An easy-to-consult vendor is DM Design, Questionnaire, Product Catalog Trouble Solving | DM Lab .

In addition to the data, it would be good if the material photos were printed at the store so that the colors could be easily understood.

Logos and texts may be charged separately if they are handwritten or printed on paper, so it is a good idea to put them together in the data.

After handing over the necessary materials and starting work, the first design will be completed, so you will need to check the contents such as proofreading.

Depending on the vendor, design modifications are free up to 3 times and additional charges may be incurred after the 4th time, so it is important to give as much detail as possible to the first DM design.