How to make an effective DM design

Even if you send a direct mail, it will be meaningless if it is thrown into the trash without being opened.

In order to prevent the product from being immediately thrown into the trash can and lead to sales, it is important to have the direct mail opened first.

In order to increase the opening rate, the DM design that makes you want to open the envelope is very important, and it seems that you should apply a mechanism called a gimmick.

Some DM design gimmicks are called teasers, which are easy-to-see copies on the surface of envelopes and packages.

The teaser has the meaning of “teasing” and is a mechanism that attracts the other person’s attention and makes them want to open it.

For example, it seems that the opening rate will increase by writing a copy on the envelope that makes you want to open it unintentionally, such as “The deadline is approaching!”, “Campaign is in progress!”, “Three major benefits are in progress”. ..

The DM design to increase the opening rate is effective not only for the teaser but also for the design of the envelope itself.

You can make perforations in the envelope to make it easier to open, or you can make a part of the envelope a transparent window to see inside.

There are various methods, but it is important to devise a DM design so that the direct mail does not go to the trash without being opened.