DM design yourself

In order to create and ship direct mail, it is common to ask a specialist to do everything from design to shipping, or to do DM design yourself and ask the company to print and ship.

If you have time but not much cost and want to do everything from DM design to data submission by yourself, it seems that you should use software called Illustrator.

Recent digital cameras have good image quality, so if you want to capture an image, you can take it with a digital camera and capture it, and you can use it for direct mail.

For illustrations, search for free illustrations on the Internet and save them on your PC for use.

For those who are not confident in PC technology and do not have dedicated software, it is recommended to use a service such as DM that allows you to design printed matter online.

If you have a PC, you can do DM design on the homepage, and you can choose the method of freely designing from a blank sheet of paper or the method of selecting and arranging your favorite design from various templates.

Everything from DM design to printing and shipping procedures can be done on the homepage, and there is no need to purchase dedicated software.

In addition, DM design is free, so it is a recommended method for those who want to do DM design by themselves and want to save money.